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NOT QUITE A NEWS SITE AND NOT QUITE A BLOG, the new margotdarby presence is something different in the universe of margotdarby websites. You probably think you know all about margotdarby sites, because you’ve seen so many of them. Over two dozen* are whirling around in the darkness, rejoicing in their 2 or 3 visitors per annum.

Once upon a time we had a Flash programmer’s portfolio at this URL. It wasn’t a great portfolio, but it was a good portfolio, and a very very funny one indeed. Unfortunately it brought in absolutely no work, owing largely to the high percentage of third-worlders and other foreigners in the interactive and web programming field. (You need a high level of homogeneity in order to convey the shades of irony and the myriad of cultural references necessary for humor.) So I decided to use the domain for its original purpose, which was a Blog O’Pinion, and in preparation for that I stopped making updates on the portfolio.

King Brian had a Blog O’Pinion. Oh but did he ever!

I think I decided that back around early 2010. However, since I already had a current margotdarby blog (since renamed “developer hell”) there didn’t seem to be a pressing need to set up a new Blog O’Pinion. Neither did I have the time or mental bandwidth to write frequent posts on any Blog O’Pinion, largely because I was doing nasty, nasty AS3 programming and other developer work that I am no more suited for than a quarter-horse is for pulling a McCormick reaper. And I was daunted by the consideration of where I would put my old Flash portfolio. Should I take it down entirely or rename the wrapper index.html page, so it will still be there for historians and friends to gawp at?

In the end, this leave-it-up option is what I chose (see Then I put up a php redirect from the index to an otherwise empty “news” folder which I have now filled up with Yet Another Unnecessary WordPress Website. I am telling you all this in order to assure you that I am a very, very boring person, and thus utterly harmless.

Make that Your obedient electric servant.

*Some go back to WordPress 1.2 and have passwords that I lost around May of 2005. Then we have three or four in Moveable Type (winner of the Most User-Unfriendly Blogware Award for 2004); and probably an equal number of bog-simple Blogspot sites. I think I knew Meg Hourihan before she met David Kottke; but don’t quote me on that. Somewhere out in the void I am forever being catty on something called S9Y.

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